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Main goal : fill the hourglass by breaking gems in order to keep playing


To destroy gems, you have to match 3 of them verticaly or horizontaly. 

Switch gems

To do so, you have to switch adjacents gems.
You can only switch 2 gems if it results in a match.


After a match, empty cells are filled by gems above, which are filled too etc... doing an effect of cascade.

score and Time : the hourglass

Like an hourglass, over time the top part of the hourglass will decrease and the bottom one will increase until completion (game over).

Time and score are gained during the cascade effect. Each time a gem fall from 1 case, you gain 2 points and a bit of time.

Matchs at the bottom of the board grants more points because they make a longer cascade.


Until level 20, each level increase the flow speed of the hourglass.

After level 20, each 3 level increase the cascade speed on the board.

At this level, if gems are cascading, your hourglass freeze and doesn't flow anymore. But if there is no cascade, it flows very fast until game over. So try to always have gems falling down in your board !


Shuffle : swap all the gems in order to have an a new grid.

BOOM ! : randomly destroy few gems.

Freeze : freeze the time for 10 seconds.